Orange Genuine Leather Bedroom Collections, Elegant and beauty

Orange Genuine Leather Bedroom Collections, Elegant and beauty

Orange Genuine Leather Bedroom Collections, Elegant and beauty

Aug 16, 2023

Ginotti integrates the relationship between materials and space, using agile and efficient design techniques, from point to line and then to surface, rendering a strong sense of order.

A simple and poetic, simple and natural humanistic dwelling has been created in the interlaced sequence.

Jump out of conventional operations and use the simplest and most rustic design to convey the warmth of the family.

The precipitation of details brings the owner an ultimate sensory experience. The luxury of Italian style is not just the flashiness of materials, but the texture of structure and rhythm, and is a flowing image like a lyrical poem.


Our exploration of materials and appearance is not without boundaries, but rather focuses on design and value in the selection of furniture. This is human nature and the most intuitive way to judge a piece of furniture.

As one of the most important furniture in daily life, choosing a bed with caution is understandable. This is a classic Italian style bed, with a simple and streamlined design that runs through to the end, not only meeting people's requirements for styling, but also creating a modern and elegant Italian style lifestyle.

Soft color scheme makes people feel warmer and fresher.
The warm color of Herm è s Orange paired with a clean and white bed makes it even more tidy. The bedroom leather is made of imported top layer cowhide, with a delicate and smooth feel.

The square shaped soft headboard does not show any heaviness. The interior is filled with 70% goose neck down and 30% PTR high elastic cotton, fully ensuring comfort, softness, and non collapse deformation for long-term use.


The bedroom is comparable to the bed, which is the dressing table for living and dressing.

Exquisite women's mornings start with the dressing table, which is best suited for aesthetics. Wake up every day, look at the exquisite dressing table, draw beautiful makeup, and happily welcome every day.

Grey oak and grey coffee colors, simple and stylish, are both anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, and can fully adapt to different climates in the north and south. The deep gray painted cabinet is designed with drawers without armrests or push buttons, allowing for easy access to items with just one click.

The countertop is paired with a storage box to increase storage space, making it simple, elegant, and good-looking.


A delicate dressing stool that not only firmly attracts attention, but also adds greater embellishment to the layout of one's bedroom.

Make the entire space feel full of atmosphere.