Restaurant furniture

Qatar P107 

Qatar Kai's Song bird 

Project name : Qatar Kai's Song bird 
Country: Qatar
Completion time :  Oct, 2022
Brief introduction :This is a high-end Chinese restaurant located in Qatar. It opened in 2022. The design style of this restaurant is classical Chinoiserie style. The decoration and furniture choices are full of traditional Chinese flower and bird patterns. At the same time, the owner has high requirements for the texture of furniture.
In this space filled with a strong nostalgic atmosphere, we present you with a time interpretation, combining the essence of tradition and art to create a unique retro style charm.
Strolling into the restaurant, you will be intoxicated by the soft lighting, as if traveling back to that shining era. Classical style chandeliers hang from the ceiling, illuminating every piece of beloved work. The walls are covered with retro art paintings, with charming colors and elegant lines outlining a beautiful scene.
The seating area is themed with vintage furniture, with carefully selected vintage style furniture for sofas, dining chairs, and tables, providing you with a comfortable and nostalgic dining experience. The exquisite tableware placed on the table represents our pursuit of detail and admiration for beauty.
In our retro art restaurant, time never stops and art never stops. Let our space become the source of your pursuit of unique experiences. May every taste become a challenge, a discovery, and a touch.