Made In China Living Room Furniture Sets , Hotel Lobby Furniture FR Treatment For FF&E Custom Furniture

Made In China Living Room Furniture Sets , Hotel Lobby Furniture FR Treatment For FF&E Custom Furniture

Made In China Living Room Furniture Sets , Hotel Lobby Furniture FR Treatment For FF&E Custom Furniture

Jul 14, 2023

Architecture often tells the context of a city,

And home is often concretizing a quality of life.

Integrating the thinking of love into the designer's space, the distance between the heart and the point to line is gradually narrowing, and with the participation of light and shadow, the originally simple flat details become three-dimensional and vivid, completing the unity of form and beauty.

A new quality of living room life experience is quietly sprouting in AMA Ama. After busy work, one can fully experience the joy of leisure, let the complicated life be abandoned for a moment, and indulge in the bustling world for a moment.


The mission of leisure chairs is not just to sit comfortably. Compared to larger sofas, leisure chairs excel in being lightweight, flexible, and easy to use. They can be placed in appropriate places according to the actual space and usage scenarios at home.

The balcony, living room, bedroom... what you think is comfortable is where it should go.

This casual chair is Ginotti's latest model, a rotatable lazy recliner chair with a very strong texture and a very high-end fabric design, with a dual color contrast design that interweaves thickness and texture, giving it a strong sense of three-dimensional effect.

Cotton linen gives a feeling of elegance and closeness, with a rotating metal base and a rotating gray oak solid wood tray.


The simple and concise lines and design, soft, steady, and quiet, present the essence of tranquility and elegance, and always touch the heart unconsciously.

When daily life becomes orderly and material rich, people's longing for the environment shifts to another direction: towards nature and simplicity, and towards roughness and sincerity.

The Ginotti design follows the design philosophy of "less is more", creating a stylish home that returns to tranquility and simplicity.

Adopting simple and simple lines, the exquisite form and practicality are seamlessly integrated, achieving a balance between simplicity and elegance.

Applying ergonomics to the extreme, there is a sense of security between the backs, as if sitting in the arms of others. Soft and reliable, comfortable and firm, happy and reassuring, coexisting with it at that moment.

The back of the chair has a graceful curve as soft as a leaf, allowing the body to comfortably and tightly fit. The appropriate angle ensures that the cervical spine does not feel any discomfort.

The seating surface of the leisure chair is made of high-quality top layer genuine leather, with a delicate touch that feels like skin fitting and slimming. The leather is soft, with clear texture, and high-density sponge filling inside. The design caters to the curve of the buttocks, instantly relieving your fatigue, like floating in the cloud.


Simple and simple lines create a cute and exquisite form, achieving a balance between simplicity and elegance.

The chair extends from the body to the feet, allowing the body to stretch and fit tightly. The appropriate angle ensures that even if you sit and lean for a long time, you will not feel any discomfort, allowing you to freely enjoy the time at home.

Visible to the naked eye, it is soft and comfortable to sit on. It is filled with PTR high elastic cotton, with strong support and better resilience. It is not afraid of seat deformation when sitting for a long time~

Selected imported white wax wood, bonded with protective paint, and not afraid of decay and damage after long-term use. The delicate texture and texture allow for a silky and smooth texture when touched.