Factory Made Easy Armchair, For Home Living Customize Hotel Villa Project

Factory Made Easy Armchair, For Home Living Customize Hotel Villa Project

Factory Made Easy Armchair, For Home Living Customize Hotel Villa Project

Jul 28, 2023

The aesthetic issue of home art can be simply explained as the perception and aesthetics of home art.

Experience the beautiful atmosphere after decoration at home, that's the feeling of home

A room is the material environment in which we live and work, and at the same time, it gives people a spiritual feeling with its artistic image.

And in it, the role of home is to set off and connect, and one thing that cannot be lacking in home is the leisure armchair. Whether it is for daily work or leisure leaning, it makes people comfortable and natural.


Round and delicate lines, captivating!

Create a cute and exquisite form that balances simplicity with elegance and refinement.

Houndstooth fabric extends from the chair body to the feet, allowing the body to stretch and closely fit.

The appropriate angle ensures that even if you lean and sit for a long time, you will not feel any discomfort, allowing you to freely enjoy the time at home.

Visible to the naked eye, it is soft and comfortable to sit on. It is filled with PTR high elastic cotton, with strong support and better resilience. It is not afraid of seat deformation when sitting for a long time~


The back of the chair has a graceful curve as soft as a leaf, allowing the body to comfortably and tightly fit. The appropriate angle ensures that the cervical spine does not feel any discomfort.

The seating surface of the leisure chair is made of high-quality top layer genuine leather, with a delicate touch that feels like skin fitting and slimming. The leather is soft, with clear texture, and high-density sponge filling inside. The design caters to the curve of the buttocks, instantly relieving your fatigue, like floating in the cloud.

Adopting simple and simple lines, the exquisite form and practicality are seamlessly integrated, achieving a balance between simplicity and elegance.

Using the arc lines to the extreme, there is a sense of security between the backs, as if sitting in the arms of others. Soft and reliable, comfortable and firm, happy and reassuring, coexisting with it at that moment.

A comfortable and humanized chair can do half the work twice the result.

The highly enveloping sitting sensation and skin friendly materials inject full vitality into you, and whether it's heavy academic or work, you can easily solve it.


Unique design always shines in front of people.

As the finishing touch at home, it is also a carrier for us to enjoy our daily life and a source of joy!

This color is highly eye-catching, with a rich and vibrant avocado hue that always signifies summer, freshness, and nature.

Creative one legged design that conforms to ergonomic backrest and armrests. Composing such a piece not only meets the needs of modern fashion trends, but also provides great comfort.